Evolver Resources

Evolver LineThe following are various useful Evolver resources:

1) Anu Kirk’s excellent Definitive Guide to the Evolver: http://www.carbon111.com/evolverguide.pdf

2) Carbon 111’s DSI Evolver Resource page:

3) DocT’s DSI Evolver pages (includes some Prophet ’08 material as well):

4) Wav2Evolver

5) For those interested in the history of the Evolvers (the Desktop version was first released in 2002), nothing is more informative than the old EX5 forum:

6) A bit of background from Wikipedia:

7) Dave Smith Instruments Tech Support page:

8) The official Dave Smith Instruments Forum:

9) DSI’s old website (lots of fascinating background information on the Evolver models):

How to calibrate the Poly Evolver Keyboard:

– Turn the mod wheel all the way off (down), and while also holding the pitch wheel off, hold down Reset and press 4 on the keypad.
– Return the pitch wheel to center, and hold Reset and press 5 on the keypad.
– Move the Mod wheel all the way on (up), and while also holding the pitch
wheel all the way on, hold Reset and press 6 on the keypad.
– Please note: There is no visual feedback that the calibration is occurring and the numbers—4, 5, and 6—will be entered just as if you are
changing programs. This is normal.
– If, after calibrating, the synth seems not to be tuned to concert pitch, calibrate the wheels again.

And now…the most gorgeous-looking synthesizer in the world:

Poly Evolver Keyboard

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