Improvisation #102 For Poly Evolver and ARP Odysseys

The brass patch in this improvisation was played on the Prophet ’08 Keyboard controlling two Korg ARP Odysseys. It is a classic sound with a twist: it has a double envelope. The master module provides the ordinary sound, as heard when a note is struck, whereas the slave module consists of a second brass patch with a brighter filter, a much slower attack, and a greater depth of reverb. Hence, the second module enters only after a note has been held for about two seconds. And since each module is panned to opposite sides, the first module sounds on the right, and then the second sounds on the left.

The familiar ethereal patch comes from the always sublime Poly Evolver Keyboard/Rack pair. Its dynamic range is part of the patch, thanks to a slow LFO that modulates the cut off frequency, while the filter is also altered using the modulation wheel for crescendi. It’s the LFO, though, that creates the breathing or heaving effect when long chords are sustained. This is a standard aspect in my sound design, which is intended to take what could be an otherwise static or sterile moment and animate it with a subtle life-like quality.

Incidentally, I stumbled across this tiny cabin on a small mountain where I often hike. I was given permission to use it on occasion. The thought of it somewhat torments me…in a happy sort of way! And when I say I’m “old school,” I mean this sort of really old school!

DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard
DSI Poly Evolver Rack
DSI Prophet ’08 Keyboard (as a controller only)
2 Korg ARP Odysseys

Reverb from Lexicon MX 300
Delay from Zoom MS-70CDR

Performed live and recorded directly to a Tascam DR-100 MKIII Linear PCM Recorder.

All music property of THE MUSICAL SYNTHESIZER, 2021