Improvisation #106 for Poly Evolver Keyboard

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The patch used in this experimental improvisation consists of a string type sound with a slow attack and a long release. In addition, an LFO slowly and deeply modulates the filter cutoff frequency. This means that playing the notes quickly will trigger notes at their darkest filter setting, but playing them slower will allow the LFO to open the filter. Hence, simply by means of keyboard technique, you can control the filter. This, together with a touch of a modulation wheel, controls the dynamics of the piece.

The music sounds unsteady because, rather than playing sustained chords, I’m actually playing non-stop arpeggios throughout. With the exception of the occasional melodies, the piece consists of constant sixteenth notes.

I’ve used a patch almost identical to this on the Prophet ’08, but today I decided to try it on the PEK. Personally, I think the P’08 version is better, but maybe I still need to refine the PEK version.

DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard
DSI Poly Evolver Rack

Hammond XPK 200L Pedalboard
DSI Prophet ’08 Module

Reverb from Lexicon MX 300

Recording: Performed live and recorded directly to a Tascam DR-100 MKIII Linear PCM Recorder.

All music property of THE MUSICAL SYNTHESIZER, 2021



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