Improvisation¬†#111¬†for Poly Evolver, Prophet ’08, and Korg ARP Odysseys

This piece makes use of a massive pad from the Poly Evolver Keyboard in which both the high pass and low pass filters are modulated by an envelope generator. As the former opens to allow the lower frequencies through, the latter closes to remove the higher frequencies. This is somewhat softened by applying a slow attack from the VCA envelope, which slowly introduces this double filter effect. And yet, when you’ve used all eight voices, you can create a sudden strike with the next chord that overthrows the slow attack. The patch has such a brash dominating quality that it could hardly be used alongside any other sound or instrument. It would gobble it up.

In between, the Prophet ’08 provides a soft pad with a delayed evolving sheen. Finally, the Odysseys offer a solo flute patch with a waveform setting just slightly off from a strict square for occasional melodies.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there’s nothing like an Evolver. And the Poly Evolver Keyboard is the king of all the Evolvers. If Sequential ever produces an instrument in memory of the brilliant Dave Smith, then it should be this instrument, in the form of a PEK Mk II.

DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard
DSI Poly Evolver Rack
DSI Prophet ’08 Keyboard
DSI Prophet ’08 Module
Korg ARP Odyssey (2) controlled by a Nektar Technology IMPACT GXP49 Keyboard

Prophet ’08 Module
Hammond XPK 200L Pedalboard

Effects: Reverb from Lexicon MX300
Delay (on Odysseys) from Zoom MS-70CDR

Performed live and recorded directly to a Tascam DR-100 MKIII Linear PCM Recorder.

All music property of THE MUSICAL SYNTHESIZER, 2022